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Monthly Ritual

Release & Recharge

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Theme: Shame
October 28, 2021
7:30PM - 8:30PM MST
Investment: $10

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When you make this investment you'll receive:

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A Guided Meditation

This will support you in being present for this session, allowing for the most effective healing.

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Collective Guidance

I will connect with the energy of our community to share guidance for all including any messages of support we are needing to hear and any insight on what the next steps in our healing journey shall be.

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Collective Reiki

I will channel Reiki for all, to be received throughout our ritual as well as carried forward into the month ahead. With this healing energy we'll enjoy more balance within our bodies, increasing the impact of our monthly release and recharge.

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Guided Activities

Inclusive of journal prompts and activities to:

  • Release the month you've had.

  • Manifest the month that serves your highest good.

  • Strategies to help you feel recharged.

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Monthly Ritual Release & Recharge
Theme: Shame
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