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•  Your Daily Dose of Energy  •  Sacred Self-Care

•  Deciphered Diagnosis / Discomfort

Your Daily Dose of Energy   Complimentary

Sacred Self-Care   $75

Deciphered Diagnosis / Discomfort   $100

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Fuel Your 4 Bodies

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Your Daily Dose of Energy

Are you feeling lost? Tired? Drained? Know there's something you need to add into your life but don't know what it is?


Join us while we uncover what you need daily to feel energized and supported, reflecting on the aspects of our four bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical), how they work together and the self-care practices needed to keep them fueled so you can live your best, most energized, life.

Find this in Support & Resources.

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Daily Habits for a Divine Life

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Sacred Self-Care

The challenges are real, and we are here to develop a Self-Care plan with you for you, that's strategically designed for the highest potential of success, which means it's going to be enjoyable and realistic too.

Book online and make your next move to achieve a 'heier' quality of life.

Initial Appointment:   60 Minutes         Investment:   $75

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Fuel Your 4 Bodies

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Diagnosis / Discomfort

Let's take your diagnosis / discomfort to a deeper level, truly understanding why it's here and what it's needing to heal. Inclusive of an intuitive clarity session and 22 days of accountability, support and Reiki.

Book online for this investment in your healing journey.

Investment:   $100